Glyph is a fantasy empire-building game where you will assume control of a small tribe of beings and lead them from obscurity to dominate the world of Glyph!

Features a fluid unit creation system, in which you train units in certain skill combinations to unlock special unit types.
For example, you can train a group of basic soldiers in the use of Spears, equip them with spears, and they are Spearmen.  Continue to train them in the use of Shields and Formations, equip them with large shields and they can become a Phalanx, with bonuses when in a group.
There will be a large variety of skills to train your units with, allowing for almost infinite customization.

Champions are special units, with access to skills regular units cannot train, such as Leadership, and the use of Magic.
There are a huge number of special magical skills and spells that become unlocked as the players’ magic using Champions increase in experience.

Send Champions on special quests to clean out creature infestations and acquire ancient relics of power, or lost magical knowledge.

Glyph will be a mix of real-time and turn-based strategy, where the player enters commands in a ‘paused’ mode, but most of the game progresses at a certain rate.  In a multiplayer game, each player will have a ‘pause bank’ that slowly fills as time goes by, but is used up quickly when the game is paused.  (Single-player games will have controls available to speed up or advance time)