Design your robots, with one of five chassis:
Your basic tank, slow, high firepower. Gets bonus armor.
A fast vehicle, with low firepower.  Gets bonus cargo space.
Biped, good speed, armor, & firepower.
Spiderlike, fast with climbing ability & bonus sensors.
Can move just above the ground, or fly for short distances. 

Add weapons (Lasers, Guns, Missles, etc), and extra components such as engine boosters, armor, sensors, and other gear to create the ideal robot for the job.

Click the image above for the weblpayer demo!

In the distant future, Earth has been destroyed by a tecnological terror of its own creation, leaving the space colonies as the last survivors of Mankind.  After two hundred years, technological advances in nano-manufacturing and the seeming alchemy of matter transmutation have led to a new golden age.  However, much was lost when the homeworld destroyed itself, and all of the space colonies would like to re-establish colonies on the old homeworld.

Small scale reclamation operations on Old Earth began several years ago, using large factory/refinery ships.  These ships land with a small complement of robot workers.  These workers spread out and gather artifacts, lost information, and radioactives from the ruins, and also gather raw materials for the manufacture of more workers at the factory ship.
Also, due to the continuing presence of the robotic menaces known as the Ravagers, Captains often find themselves in the position of General of a platoon of robotic soldiers.

Slowly but surely, these intrepid captains will turn back the metal tide, under the steel skies of Old Earth.